- wife, dog mum, ocean lover, old soul, storyteller, hopeless romantic & big hippie who throws up way too many peace signs.

I'm a wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer obsessed with romanticising life's precious moments.

I'm coasting through my late 20s, navigating adulthood with my husband Jamie and our two dogs, Riley & Bodhi. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me outdoors exploring new places with pups or snuggled up watching Netflix with a pizza.

My work combines a documentary approach with a creative and artistic flair. I draw inspiration from vintage film photography and mother nature herself.

Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

Chip & Dip

In dance studies

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

Being by the ocean

My husband, Jamie!

My hogwarts house is

If i were a friends character

I’d be Phoebe


We eloped to

I’m currently watching

Poldark & Queer Eye

Penzance, Cornwall

NOSTALGIA - I want my work to feel wholesome and remind you of happy memories.

CREATIVITY - I want my clients to be open to creative ideas and think about what photography could be instead of what it should be. Think of me as an artist, rather than a business.

LOVE - My love languages are words of affirmation and acts of service, and I treat those how I wish to be treated. In me you’ll get your own personal cheerleader and I’ll put so much love into delivering photographs that take your breath away.

INTENTIONALITY - I want to work with clients who are intentional with their choices. They make decision because of what it means to them and not because that’s what other people do.

AUTHENTICITY - I want to capture real, raw, authentic emotion. I want your photos to feel like a stills from a movie about your love story. Photos good enough to make the movie poster.

AFFINITY - I want to work with like-minded clients. People who share similar interests and values. People I can easily empathise with and capture their connection in its truest form.

STORYTELLING - I want my images to be photos you can FEEL. The type of photos you find in scrapbooks, not on the covers of magazines.

ALCHEMY - The process of taking something from the everyday and making it magical. A touch, a look, wind in your hair. I want to take the moments we often miss and capture them in a way that reminds you how special they are.

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Husband, bag carrier,

massive nerd & little



The baby, super soft

head, massive snuggle bug

My team

A little introduction to my team. My dogs are my babies and I take my role as dog mama very seriously.


my best friend, old boy,

sausage stealer & emotional

support animal